About Nancy

Nancy is the first woman ever elected District Attorney of Alameda County.   She is a fair minded but tough advocate for justice who has survived cancer, been a ten year District Attorney and has been a fighter for women and vulnerable populations including the elderly, children, and persons with disabilities her whole career.

Nancy is an innovative District Attorney who has focused as much on reform as on prosecution.  Under her leadership the Alameda County DA’s office has been among the most forward thinking in the state.  She has led the charge against human trafficking through the H.E.A.T. watch program which unites prosecutors, police, service providers and communities in the fight against human trafficking.   

She has also worked hard to recognize that healing and rehabilitation for victims of violence goes way beyond prosecuting offenders, so she created a one-stop service agency, the Alameda County Family Justice Center, to empower victims of domestic violence, which includes over 150,000 women, children and other vulnerable populations. 

Alameda County needs an experienced District Attorney.   One who understands the balance between keeping the public safe by fighting crime of all kind - particularly violent crime -  while also ensuring equality and fairness in prosecution so that our criminal justice system does not punish people unfairly.

Nancy is proudly endorsed by US Senators Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein and hundreds of local elected officials and organizations within Alameda County.