Comcast to pay $26 million for illegally dumping old equipment

Comcast agreed to pay $26 million in December 2015 to settle charges it routinely and illegally dumped used, hazardous electronic equipment into landfills and failed to shredded documents containing customers’ private information. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Comcast has agreed to pay nearly $26 million to settle claims by the state and Alameda County that the company routinely and illegally dumped hazardous electronic equipment into local landfills and failed to shred records that contained customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers.

Investigators found that since 2005, the cable company’s dispatch and warehouse facilities throughout California had been sending used remote controls, modems, amplifiers and other electronic gear to landfills that were not supposed to receive them, Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office said Tuesday in announcing the settlement. The refuse also included sensitive customer information that should have been shredded first, Harris’ office said.

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