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Re-elect Nancy O’Malley Alameda County District Attorney

Nancy's Heroes - 2019

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Join us at the 9th Annual Fun-Raising BBQ on August 16th as we honor the following “Nancy’s Hero” Awardees:


Nola Brantley is the Founder of NolaBrantleySpeaks and co-founder of MISSSEY. Ms. Brantley has dedicated her life to educating individuals, community members and workers about Human Trafficking, particularly about sex trafficking of children. She is a self-made woman who carries her critical message across the State.


Marshall Kamena is a Medical Optometrist, treating eye diseases. He served on the City Council and as Mayer of Livermore. For many years, as an elected official and as a citizen of Livermore, Dr. Kamena has been a strong advocate and leader in the economic development of Livermore and in ensuring the residents of the Tri-Valley have access to information about the Valley. More than 40 years ago, Dr. Kamena was a co-founder of Tri-Valley Community Television. The non-profit Public Access television is an Education-Access television and Government-Access television serving the Tri-Valley. The station operates channels 28, 29, and 30 on the Comcast Cable TV system. Long retired from his practice, Dr. Kamena continues to operate Tri-Valley Community Television and has created several programs that provide informational links to the residents of the Tri-Valley. During the Summer, Dr. Kamena and a team provide a week-long program for youth to work at the station and learn broadcasting, interviewing and the importance of civic awareness and engagement. Dr. Kamena works with the three Mayors as well as elected Supervisors who have a monthly and bi-monthly show. Dr. Kamena recently worked with the District Attorney’s Office to create “Justice For All” a community focused, education, awareness and crime prevention program.


This coalition of Sisters have created a collaborative partnership of government and non-government organizations and individuals working to end all forms of human trafficking throughout Alameda, San Joaquin, San Mateo and other Bay Area counties, through education, advocacy and action. The Sisters have been tireless in reaching out to businesses ensuring the Human Trafficking Posters are hung in conspicuous locations, as well as educate those with whom they have contact. They are members of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael and Mission San Jose, Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, Associate of Sisters of St. Francis of Penance & Christian Charity, Sisters of the Presentation, Marist Missionary Sisters, Associate of Sisters of Norte Dame de Namur, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Religious of the Sacred Heart, and Sisters of the Society of Mary. The Sisters are living their faith and are a force of commitment to stop human trafficking.


Ruby’s Place is one of the oldest operating homes providing shelter to women and their children who had experienced domestic violence in Alameda County. It began in 1972 as Emergency Shelter Program. In 2012, under the leadership of Executive Director Vera Ciammetti, the name was changed to Ruby’s Place. Today, Ruby’s Place provides shelter and crisis services, housing and outreach and education. They became the first women’s shelter to provide housing for survivors of human trafficking. They were the first, and remain the only, organization providing separate shelter for men who have been victims of labor trafficking. Ruby’s Place has aided thousands and thousands of women, their children and a hundred men, to move on from violence and slavery.

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