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Re-elect Nancy O’Malley Alameda County District Attorney

Hi, I am Nancy O'Malley - the District Attorney of Alameda County.

Nancy O’Malley on being the District Attorney:

Being the District Attorney is an admirable career. It takes honesty, integrity, commitment to unbiased, non-prejudiced justice, and, experience to make the tough decisions that are made thousands of times a month.

  • The District Attorney cannot shave facts to fit a political agenda
  • The District Attorney must Tell the Truth
  • The District Attorney must Be Transparent
  • The District Attorney must have an Open Door Policy
  • The District Attorney must be open to new ideas and initiatives and have the credibility to build, implement and sustain these initiatives

It takes credibility and skill but it also takes experience to run an office of more than 400 people. And it takes innovation, vision and trust.

I have the proven track record to carry out these policies and continue to lead an Office that balances alternatives to incarceration with the serious crime that continues to occur always with the impact on victims in the forefront and a commitment to do all we can to aid in healing, support and empowerment of victims of crime.

In the older days, the prevailing theory was to “lock people up.”

Alameda County has always stepped outside the prevailing theories to do what is right and just.

TODAY, we have more collaborative courts than any other county that are addressing issues and providing different pathways for those who have committed crimes.

We have led bail reform so people who are not a continued danger to the community are released while their case is pending. We do not want to incarcerate people just because they cannot afford bail.

We have courts that dismiss old prior convictions or dismiss cases before they result in convictions for many who go through collaborative courts and diversion. We are removing barriers that prevent people from moving beyond criminal justice.

TODAY, we have the Family Justice Center with more than 30 agencies working collaboratively to provide comprehensive care, services and empowerment to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse and child abuse. We work with more than 2,000 children a year who witness or experience that violence. Those kids deserve a better life than they have witnessed in their own homes. We have a Victim Witness Assistance Division that is 45 strong to ensure that victims are treated with dignity and respect, that they are informed of the process, they are supported throughout and they have resources they need to get beyond their experiences and victimization.

TODAY, we have fewer youth in the Juvenile Justice system because we have utilized Restorative Justice, incorporating the Science of Hope and linking youth with community based organizations that can give youth a positive path and a positive future.

But criminal law is not all we do.

We have one of the strongest Environmental – Real Estate Fraud – Consumer Protection and Insurance Fraud Divisions in California.

Now, Public Safety is a top priority for government.

Alameda County has an experienced, progressive and respected District Attorney in me. I am proud to have been re-elected for 4 more years, with the support of the community, with the support of nearly all of our elected officials and with the support and endorsement of Judge Thelton Henderson, a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, who knows our work, and knows my work and reputation.